Counselling Fees

Per Session via phone, Skype or Zoom


Unemployed, university students, pensioners or low income

Please enquire

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation lasts for up to half an hour and is a free session to see if you feel comfortable and would like to work with me.

This can be done on the phone, Skype or on Zoom.


Fees vary depending on the length of the session. Fees start at £50 for 50 minutes.


Concessions are available for people who are unemployed, university students, pensioners and those on a low income. Please enquire using my contact form for fees. 

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance.

If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours in advance and we cannot reschedule for the same week, you will be charged the full fee.

Missed sessions will need to be paid for in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy works mainly through the relationship between the client and the counsellor. A counsellor spends over three years training to put themselves aside during a counselling session and focus entirely on the client. It can be liberating for clients to have someone listen to them and it is a chance to discover and clarify what they feel. They can then make informed choices about any changes they want to make in their lives.  

A standard session is 50 minutes long. Longer sessions of 60 and 90 minutes are available.

Therapy sessions are usually weekly but can be more or less frequent depending on the client’s preferences and needs. 

I am a member of the National Counselling Society and I work to their, and my, ethical guidelines concerning client confidentiality. It is one of the most important parts of therapy. Confidentiality is assured with a couple of possible exceptions which are if the client or someone they know is at risk of serious harm (and then we would discuss options of bringing in other agencies to help).

Please contact me by phone, text, WhatsApp or email to schedule an appointment. Please see Contact Me page.

Fees start at £50 for 50 minutes. 60 minute sessions cost £60 and 90 minute sessions are £90.

There are a number of concessionary places available for those who are unemployed, university students, pensioners or on a low income.

It is a good idea to interview 3 or 4 counsellors and then choose the one you feel the most comfortable with. Most counsellors will give a free taster session after which you can both decide if you would like to work together. 

Some people go to therapy for a shorter amount of time i.e., 6 or 10 weeks to address a certain issue. Others with more complex issues may want to have a longer spell in therapy.

Each case is unique and ultimately, it is up to the client to decide.

Sessions take place on Skype or Zoom or on the phone from the comfort of your own home.

Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham

I am a Counsellor, based in Bournemouth in the UK, with specialist knowledge of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am trained in treating Complex Trauma. I work online and am insured to work in most places in the world.
Unfortunately, I can't work with people in the USA or Canada due to licensing requirements.

Link To My Website - Children of Narcissists